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Unify Phone, the cloud soft client from Unify, delivers seamless integration with your OpenScape Business.

A progressive application on your laptop or PC, an app from Apple or Android store.

Beatifully simple. Simply powerful

Unify Phone for OpenScape

Progressive Web App

Use on your laptop or desk top PC (PC or Mac) using a modern browser such as Chrome. It's live in seconds with no challenging software installation.

Perfect Quality webRTC audio on your PC on any network, anywhere.

"The simplest mobile app to deploy - it just works!"

The most powerful, simple to use soft phone out there. Unify Phone is an app that delivers superb voice quality on any platform, on any device.

Available from the ioS store or Android Play for your mobile, or use with a modern browser on your laptop/desktop.

Check out the white label digital brochure...

One Number Service

We're pushing ONS hard on social media and your clients will be seeing these posts on Linked in, Facebook and Instagram. Get in touch if you want a branded set to use for yourselves.

Engage with your base now and ask them :

"would you let your staff use their own email address?"

Then why let them use their own mobile numbers?

Unify Phone for Teams

The amazing Unify Phone for Teams plugin launched in August 2023. This plugin gives any Teams user Unify Phone within MS Teams without the need for any additional Microsoft Voice licences.

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