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    Bringing studio quality music and AI generated voiceovers to OpenScape Business.
    A unique offering for our Unify Partners

One of the great things about having an in house marketing studio is gaining access to all the really 

cool tools available today. Like the latest in AI text to speech engines, and millions 

of backing tracks for video production.  

Then we had a lightbulb moment!

Welcome to inQ

The rental service you can sell to your clients and make them happy, sticky and the envy of other businesses.

Here's a cheeky "fun" example of an auto attendant.....

  • goldilocks_fun.wav

How about a more serious one...

  • Fitwilliam_serious.wav

Or a relaxed one....

  • Relaxing_demo_AA.wav

inQ Standard

Delivering a unlimited change model for your client's auto attendant.

Their script with a sensational backing track delivering the "feel" they want to achieve. The same backing track delivered as a *.WAV file to be used (if they want) for music on hold, delivering a common feel to the system for inbound callers.

Just £5!

per AA per month

Includes FOC out of hours AA if required!

If your clients don't want a model that let's them change or update their AA as often as they like then you can sell them inQ standard as a one off item. The one off charge is available from your account manager.

Get a free example

Click on the button and fill in our easy form (which you can embed on your own site) and we'll deliver an auto attendant for your in house OpenScape Business. 

Only available for Unify partners purchasing via Viegli.    

inQ : Free Auto Attendant

inQ Professional

This delivers everything for your client. Your AA greetings, your on hold music with on hold messaging and your in queue messaging for contact centre or UCD groups.

Again delivered with unlimited changes.

Just £15!

per month per system

Here's a relaxing MOH file....

  • Relaxing_MOH.wav

And here's that with on hold messaging...

  • Relaxing_MOH_with_voiceover.wav
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